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Family Run Fishmonger

We are a family run Fishmonger, based in Glasgow. Serving the freshest high-quality seafood to many homes & businesses across the UK.


For the last two decades we have been the trusted fishmonger of choice by our local community and we are now able to offer the same quality of produce & service to homes all over the UK.

Trusted Fishermen

We have a network of trusted fishermen, that we work closely with to ensure we are receiving the freshest, highest standard of produce into us each day.


We will never compromise on quality; we would rather refuse the produce than send anything to our customers we wouldn’t be comfortable serving ourselves.

100 Years Experience

Our fishmongers have over 100 years of experience between them.


We believe hand prepping, the old-fashioned way, ensures the fish is handled properly and helps to ensure no tearing or bruising occurs.

The Highest Quality

Each fish we send is scaled, gutted and filleted by hand. Our expert fishmongers inspect every fish to ensure it is of the quality we expect.


This care and attention to detail ensures your fish is of the highest quality.

Fresh Fish

Our fresh fish is exactly that, it will arrive vacuum sealed and ready to be frozen at home if you desire.


Our ‘wool cool’ insulated packaging alongside our bio-degradable gel packs ensure your produce stays perfectly cool during delivery.

Next Day Delivery

We will deliver to your door, on a next day delivery. You can track the delivery of your package and nominate a safe place to leave it if you will not be home.


Our carefully chosen packaging means your produce will stay cool for up to 36 hours.

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