How To Peel Langoustines

Step 1:

Twist the tail of the Langoustine Away From The Head And Pull Off The Two Large Claws. (To Make The Most Of The Langoustine We Suggest Making A Stock With The Heads But At This Point You Can Discard Them)

Step 2:

To Remove The Tail Meat, Hold The Shell In The Middle And Break Along The Joint That Runs From Left To Right. Be Gentle As You Don't Want To Rip It Completely In Half. (You Should Feel A Small Crack Either Side)

Now Pull Off The Small End Of Shell, Leaving The Tail Half In & Half Out The Shell. Wiggle The Rest Of The Meat Out The Shell

Step 3:

To Extract The Claw Meat, Break Them At The Joint And Use A Claw Or A Pick To Get The Meat Out The Small Leg. To Get The Meat From The Claw, Gently Pull Out The Pincher (Bit That Moves Back And Forth) You Should Get Some Meat On The Cartilage. Now Crack The Top Of The Claw Open, Using A Cracker Or By Pressing Down With A Knife Onto A Chopping Board, And Pick Out The Meat Inside

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