October: What's In Season?

In October as we get set to embrace the changing seasons you might be wondering what food is in season? Well, October is the start of a splendid seafood season, with mussels, squid, and cod taking the spotlight.

Mussels, in particular, are a standout; their peak season kicks off in October and extends through to March, offering a time when they boast a higher meat content and the finest flavour.

Alongside this oceanic delight, the month ushers in autumn's rich harvest. Earthy mushrooms and the bountiful array of autumn fruits are on the menu, enhancing the season's culinary offerings. It's a time when the finest ingredients come together to create dishes that celebrate the essence of autumn.

Check Out our recipes page for some dishes that do just that including a dish which pairs mussels with apple.


October's Seasonal Recipes:

Salt and Pepper Squid 

Baked Cod Leek and Mushroom Orzo

Mussels With Apple And A Cream Sauce 


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