A Fishmongers Guide: How To Cook Mussels

Welcome to the world of cooking mussels! Whether you're a seafood aficionado or a novice in the kitchen, we're here to make your mussel-cooking experience easy, enjoyable and wonderfully delicious.

Before cooking you'll need to prepare your Mussels. If you need some advice on how to do that check out our Fishmongers Guide: How To Prepare Mussels.  

Step 1: 

Place A Large Pan With A Lid Over Medium Heat, Place The Mussels Inside And Add Your Chosen Stock Or A Dash Of White Wine. Just Enough To Stop The Bottom Of The Pan Burning.

Step 2:

Cover With The Lid And Cook Until The Shells Open Which Should Take Around 4 - 5 Minutes.

After This, If You Are Using Our Thai Mussel Broth, Or Another Sauce, Add This In And Heat Through For A Couple Of Minutes.

Step 3:

Remove From The Heat And Serve Immediately. Do Not Store And Then Reheat.

Step 4:

Discard Any Mussels Which Haven’t Opened (You Can Do This As You Eat If It’s Easier). Use A Small Spoon Or Fork To Scoop Out The Meat – Some People Use The Other Half Of A Shell, The Slightly Messier Approach.

Serve With A Bowl Of Hot Lemon Water To Rinse Your Fingers & Most Importantly, Enjoy!

Mussel Recipes:

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