Feasting Fit for a Scot: Celebrate St Andrew's Day with Iconic Scottish Food and Drink

Celebrate St. Andrew's Day in true Scottish style as we explore the nation's culinary heritage. From the comforting warmth of dishes like Cullen Skink to the robust allure of Black Pudding, savour a selection of traditional ingredients, such as the finest fish, shellfish, and iconic treats like Tablet and Oatcakes. Raise a glass of local Scottish gin to toast to the rich tapestry of flavours that define this day of celebration. 

1. Fresh Fish 

Our Fish is caught mostly in the North Sea and the waters around Scotland. From Scottish Salmon to classics like Cod and Haddock celebrate St Andrews Day by enjoying some fresh Scottish Produce. 

Fresh Fish

2. Shellfish

When It comes to Shellfish Scotland has an abundance. Perfect for celebrating St Andrews Day why not try some mussels, Cumbrae Rock Oysters, King Scallops or Langoustine? 


3. Smoked Fish

Arbroath Smokies and Loch Fyne Kippers are a great way to try a Scottish delicacy this St Andrews Day. 

Smoked Fish

4. Cullen Skink

A traditional warming Scottish dish perfect for this time of year and as a starter for a St Andrews Day Feast. 

Cullen Skink

5. Local Scottish Gins

If you're looking for something to toast with, traditionally you may have thought to have Whisky but why not try some artisanal local Scottish Gin? Inverclyde Gin celebrates Glasgow's ties with the shipbuilding industry and the Isle of Harris Gin celebrates the remote island of Harris and the ingredients available there. 

Local Scottish Gin

6. Other Treats

If you want to Celebrate St Andrews Day with just a snack or sweet treat, these are perfect. All locally made from classics like oatcakes and tablet to some chocolate made in Glasgow, there's something for everyone. 

Other Treats

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